Fancy word for crazy people following their dreams

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My Style

My inspiration is metallics, geometric designs and Scandinavian style.  I love the clean, styled lines of these trends that add warmth and a feeling of freedom and spontaneity.


My Journey

After almost 20 years in fashion retail, Lapsi was born of a need to follow my dream of being available to my children while earning a sustainable income through creating locally produced decor items - items I would want to buy, items that would appeal to adults for children’s spaces, and which could even cross over into adult spaces.

My Personal Life

I believe in living with as much integrity as possible, choosing locally grown produce to nourish the body and walks in nature to nourish the soul.

I am passionate about the idea that all of our products are handmade in South Africa and that, by purchasing from Lapsi, you are supporting small, local businesses and uplifting people in our community.

I hope you enjoy my on-line shop and the little bit about myself that I have shared with you on my journey to realise my dreams.